Christian Siriano is now making surgical masks for medical professionals

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Donald Trump’s daily coronavirus briefings are giving everyone panic attacks. Trump stands up there and lies his ass off and smears journalists and tries to “racism” his way out of everything. So I’m lowkey thankful that so many (Democratic) governors are picking up the slack and doing their own daily briefings. My governor here in Virginia has been doing a nice job of keeping calm and organized, even if I think he should be banning more sh-t. But the real star of the governors’ daily briefings has been Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York. Cuomo has a lot of resources at his disposal and he has a surprisingly good online team. So this whole exchange between designer Christian Siriano and Gov. Cuomo’s office just made me cry a little bit on Friday:

Amazing, right? The comments underneath those tweets are lovely too – there are people from around the country offering to donate sewing service, fabric, time and money so that medical professionals will have enough surgical masks and all of the cloth necessities in hospitals around the state, and presumably around the country. There are also offers from businesses and private individuals with 3D printers who can print out any other kind of medical needs, and there were even some metal workers offering to provide services to hospitals. Christian Siriano provided some updates soon after getting the go-ahead from Cuomo’s office:


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