Eamonn Holmes RAGES at ‘cruel’ Celebrity Gogglebox edit after comments about dad taken out

He replied: “This about sums up how I feel. And for the mob Trending on Twitter, I hope you are big enough, on knowing the true story, to delete your Hate or issue a correction.”

Another fan told him: “Opinions of strangers are irrelevant. You and your family know the truth and their opinions are the only ones that carry meaning here.”

Eamonn wrote back: “Thank you SL… but a lie unchallenged becomes the truth.”

A second stated: “I hope @C4Gogglebox apologises to you, your mum and family for heartlessly using a joke for such a sensitive and personal subject xx.”

He agreed: “So do I @studiolambert.”

Express.co.uk has contacted Channel 4 and Studio Lambert for comment.

Celebrity Gogglebox continues Friday at 9pm on Channel 4.

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