Florida Crazies: Miami Hospital Gives Shot Woman A Band-Aid For Being “Grazed”, She Later Discovered Bullet In Her Skull


Source: MirageC / Getty

Miami Woman Shot In The Head And Given Band-Aid Discovers Bullet In Skull

Only in Florida…

42-year-old Shakena Jefferson and her wife Janet Medley were leaving their Miami home when shots rang out and bullets flew through their windows and walls according to ABC7. Jefferson suffered a head injury in the aftermath and was taken to the hospital where she was given a band-aid and antibiotics.

Three days later, Shakena was taken to another hospital with complaints of severe pain. A simple x-ray confirmed that she had A BULLET LODGED IN HER SKULL!

Where are Florida doctors getting their medical degrees??? Fashion Nova?!?!

We hope these ladies sue the entire f**k out of that hospital and all those involved.

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