Jennifer Aniston Details Her Struggle to Escape “Rachel From Friends” and Land Different Roles

Aside from Cake and The Good Girl, The Morning Show is one of Aniston’s most high-profile dramatic roles in Hollywood. Byrne, who got her start in American TV on the legal drama Damages and has gone on to have roles comedy flicks such as The Spy and Bridesmaids, cited the tendency for actors to get pigeonholed in one camp or another.

“Once you play comedy, they don’t think you can do the drama; and if you’re only seen as a dramatic actor, they don’t think you can do comedy. They forget that we’re actors and we actually have it all in there. It’s just about finding it and accessing it and getting the material,” Aniston said.

Read the roundtable exchange on THR. The Morning Show is set to return for a second season on Apple TV+.

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