Katie Piper, 35, opened up that she would be receiving surgery today, as she told her 944,000 Instagram followers that she was “waiting” to go down for an operation. The star has been regularly having surgeries related to her 2008 acid attack and had a similar procedure on her eye last year.

Katie appeared on camera in a blue gown, as she sat on her hospital bed.

She said: “Morning, I’m in hospital because I have to have an operation on my bad eye.

“So I’m just waiting to go down to the operation. And I forgot to bring my affirmation book!

“So if anyone else has the book, please can you tag me in it and I’ll read it.”

A few short minutes later, she continued: “That was quick, lots of you have sent it to me, it’s a really good one.

“It says, ‘To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are’.”

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