Kristen Stewart went for a hike during the quarantine, and honestly, same

Kristen Stewart enjoys a hike with a friend despite the Coronavirus threat

My gym has been closed for a week already because of the coronavirus. So far, they say they’re just going to be closed for another week, but I don’t believe that. I suspect that all gyms will probably close through April, don’t you? That’s what I’m preparing myself for, among other things. And I have to say… I’m not proud of myself or anything, but man, I realllllly miss going to the gym. It was my meditative space, where I could just zone out and walk on a treadmill or bike in peace and lift weights. I would come out, tired and sweaty but feeling calm and mentally rested. It was my reset button.

So after a couple of days where I just took naps during my old “gym time,” I decided to just… walk. Outside. In the sunshine and on chilly pre-rain cloudy days too. First I just walked around my (surprisingly hilly) neighborhood but over the past few days, I’ve been experimenting with hiking at a local park, on a lakeside trail. I prefer the lakeside trail to the neighborhood walk, although I think I’m going to mix it up some during the quarantine. Plus, the park has pockets where there are people milling about, and they’re not giving each other a lot of social distancing space. Grrr. But all in all… I don’t hate it. All of the fresh air is helping me. I think getting some sun is helping too.

Anyway, I have no idea whether Kristen Stewart is a gym rat or not, but I do know that she’s a California resident and the California governor told people to shelter in place. Kristen still went out with some friends on Saturday – Kristen and a dude seemingly went for a hike in the Hollywood Hills, then they cooled down at a “near empty” Los Feliz park. Is that allowed, Californians? Can you get out for a bit of air and some exercise as long as you social-distance? Kristen and the dude were way too close to each other for that, but who knows. That being said… I would be going stir f–king crazy if I didn’t go outside to walk, and I imagine millions of other people feel the same way. Just respect the six-foot cone of social distancing while you’re out, peeps.

Kristen Stewart relaxes with friends in a deserted park in Los Feliz

Kristen Stewart relaxes with friends in a deserted park in Los Feliz

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