Prince Harry has been talking to Goldman Sachs for a year about a ‘patronage’

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Yesterday, we discussed the extremely vague article at the Daily Mail, where some unnamed source said words about how Prince Harry is in talks with Goldman Sachs about… something. The theory was that he would give speeches, which would probably not be paid, but that it was all part of some kind of deal which would magically turn Harry into a billionaire. As I said, it was vague. And the purpose of the article was not to be informative, it was just to put “Harry” and “Goldman Sachs” in the same headline and wait for people to start screaming “HOW DARE THEY.” Honestly, it was so vague that I didn’t even think we would hear anything more about it one way or the other. Turns out, “sources close to Harry” want to clarify something though. They went to Harper’s Bazaar to dish:

Since Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s joint decision to step down as senior members of the royal family was announced last month, all eyes have remained on the Sussexes as they privately plan their next professional ventures. The latest theory in circulation, according to Page Six, is that Harry is reportedly in talks with multinational investment bank Goldman Sachs for a potential partnership and future guest-speaking gig for the company’s Talks at GS series. Previous high-profile celebrities who have taken part in the series have included Gwyneth Paltrow, Karlie Kloss, and Hillary Clinton.

Sources have confirmed to, however, that any potential partnership with Goldman Sachs dates back to before Harry’s departure as a working senior royal and is in conjunction with one of the Duke of Sussex’s many official patronages.

Discussions between the patronage and Goldman Sachs have been ongoing for about a year, a source tells us.

[From Harper’s Bazaar]

So… he has been talking to Goldman Sachs. And they’ve been talking for a year, and the talks obviously predate Sussexit. I wonder which of Harry’s patronages would draw interest from Goldman Sachs? I feel like… the Invictus Games would probably be the best bet? I can’t see Goldman Sachs being interested (in such a specific way) in Sentebale or any of Harry’s other patronages. Hm. Goldman Sachs sponsoring Invictus? That might be interesting. Or maybe this is all so vague because it’s for Harry’s weird “Travalyst” eco-travel/eco-tourism thing which no one really understands? Oooh. I bet that IS it.

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