Prince Harry plans on giving an unpaid speech at Goldman Sachs, maybe

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Everything I know about the mega-rich oligarchs of the world, I learned from watching Billions. That’s not entirely true, but I just want to hype one of my favorite (bonkers) shows, and I do think that Billions gets the culture of financial oligarchy correct. Anyway, last week, Prince Harry gave a speech before JP Morgan’s alternative investment summit. He was introduced by Gayle King and his audience was full of billionaires, millionaires, movers and shakers. It is widely believed that Harry scored a significant paycheck for the speech, and it’s also assumed that he and Meghan are building a portfolio of wealthy corporate contacts as they put together their foundation and their personal finances for the future. Personally, I thought it was always going to look like this, with Meghan and Harry cozying up to corporate types and oligarchs. My theory was that Meghan would likely pair up with a huge fashion or beauty label too. But according to the Mail, for the time being, it looks like Harry is making the moves to cozy up to… Goldman Sachs??

Prince Harry has reportedly held talks with investment bank Goldman Sachs as he and Meghan build the ‘Sussex Royal’ brand that experts believe could be worth £1billion in a decade. The Duke of Sussex is said to have discussed following in the footsteps of David Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow by speaking at one of the Talks at GS events. His team is said to have spoken to the American global banking giant in November – when the couple were holed up in a Vancouver mansion with Archie and decided they would be quitting as senior royals.

Stars are not paid a fee for a Talks at GS appearance – but sources have told the Daily Mirror that it will ‘ pave the way for the Sussexes to forge a lucrative future relationship’ with the bank. Renowned PR agent Mark Borkowski has said these deals will still bring riches in the US, adding: ‘They’re going to earn fortunes, whether through speeches or ambassador work – these are £1billion handshakes’.

A tie-up could help them earn millions in the corporate world – but one with GS would be controversial after it was accused of playing a role in the 2008 financial crash – and then making billions of dollars at the expense of its clients during and afterwards.

[From The Daily Mail]

So… Harry might give a speech for Goldman Sachs and not get paid for it, but it will be valuable because of the connections he makes which COULD be worth a billion dollars? The Daily Mail is playing a bit fast and loose here, likely in an attempt to agitate the (racist) masses with “how dare they earn money when they literally said they would try to become financially independent.” How dare they! Also, for those people suggesting that this kind of thing is never, ever done in royal circles, let me just say… Prince Charles would LOVE for JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs to underwrite any part of The Prince’s Trust. Prince Charles absolutely runs his foundation as pay-for-play – how in the world do you think Amal Clooney got an award named after her through the Prince’s Trust? It’s because George Clooney donated a chunk of change. I feel like Harry and Meghan will likely do that for their foundation and accept a huge “donation” from a large hedge-fund to finance their charitable projects.

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