Quarantine tips and tricks from celebs like Florence Pugh to keep busy


CB gave some great ideas for YouTube workouts on Tuesday. Yesterday Kaiser gave some super suggestions to watch during self-isolation. I thought I would try to help with some activities for you and whoever else is in your home right now. During Rosie O’Donnell Actors Fund fundraiser, tony-winner Laura Benanti joked about checking out all the parents on Instagram who were showing off how creative they’ve been with their kids during quarantine, while she’s been pointing her own three-year-old to the tv and telling her to have at it. I, too, have been humbled by the efforts of those who are inventing multi-platform lesson plans for homeschool or creating perfect replicas of Michelangelo’s David out of elbow pasta. My advice to all parents – don’t blow your wad this early. If thing gets dragged out, you won’t have anything left but origami boulders for week five.

It seems that most celebrities are cooking their way through quarantine. I’ll be charitable and say it’s because they have more time on their hands and not because they just discovered what the kitchen is used for. Most are posting their creations on their IG Live or Stories. It makes for great food and kitchen pr0n, but without recipes, pr0n is all it is. But there are a few we can use for inspiration. I’ll list some of my ideas and encourage you all to do the same.

I’m starting with Florence Pugh because she’s been posting cooking tutorials live and they are things we can all make. In this one, she advocates for everyone to dance once a day and cook all the aging vegetables in your fridge:

Florence is so incredibly watchable, isn’t she? She’s right, a little dance does wonders when you need a pick me up. Depending on the age of your kids, it’s a great way to get them moving, too (hint: teens are less likely to join you, but they will laugh at you, and that helps their mental state.) Pets are also great dance partners. Finding new ways to combine old things in your fridge is exciting and makes you feel like a champ for efficiency. We made garlic bread on Tuesday night and had a big chunk left over. We put it on the grill with an egg and some Tapitio for breakfast the next AM and I swear, it was so good, I might put it into our breakfast rotation.

Martha Stewart posted a sushi roll to her stories, suggesting it as an alternative to pizza or pasta. Here’s her tips for rolling sushi. She also suggests trying something “sushi inspired”

My son got a sushi mat for Christmas and he hasn’t learned how to use it yet. Seems like this is the perfect time to perfect his technique. Not only will making sushi at home save you a fortune, it’s a great activity for everyone. Here’s a step by step and here’s one for California Rolls specifically. There are plenty of variations, like candy sushi for parties and PB & J rolls for finicky eaters. Chef José Andrés, who is doing God’s work feeding those the government chooses to ignore, also suggested an easy roll to make at home. He focuses less on technique and more on changing up the flavors:

Baking is always a favorite for kids, and you can start at almost any age. I’m sure you have all seen the Toddler Chef on Twitter.

Obviously, that was for fun, but the point is the same, any child that can stand can help bake. Today’s my son’s birthday and he asked for cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I tried all week to get some delivered but there were no slots available that would get them to me on time. So I was faced with making them from scratch. I panicked and turned it into a project, making my daughter make them. Worked like a charm! Try this no yeast recipe, especially since Hailey Bieber categorized cinnamon buns as an essential:


Chrissy Teigen has the right idea, to try ideas you’ve always wanted to, like those cakes with stuff in them that spills out:


We talked last week about January Jones detox bath. Fancy baths are easy to create. You’ll want to pick up some essential oils but Amazon has some variety packs that are pretty reasonably priced. CB made a sugar scrub for herself and said it turned out great. If you are using natural ingredients, the kids can easily get involved.

I got an idea from Twitter to turn this week into Social Distance Spirit Week.

We’ve just been wearing whatever we’re supposed to on that day, but you could go whole hog with planned activities. Plus, don’t be afraid to make up your own Spirit Days.

A couple of us with teens are finding the empty parking lots of the closed shopping centers to be good driving courses for our new learners. Not only do we have an unprecedented amount of open area, it gives them a perfectly unique experience during a unique time. Board and card games are always great options, but now’s the time to have that Murder Mystery dinner you’ve always wanted to. If you’ve played all the charades you can handle, try some simple Improv exercises like these. Teens and kids love them, and they are good tools to work on thinking on your feet. Or, if you are so inclined, you can go the Tik-Tok route like so, so many others. I’m afraid I don’t have the chops for it (and my kids won’t let me).

Lastly, if you were ever inclined to make a vision board or start a gratitude journal this is the perfect excuse to give it a go. If we all need one thing at present, it’s to be reminded of what’s good out there.

My dear Celebitches, I am in need a flavorful chili recipe. If any of you have a fool-proof one, I would be ever so indebted to you. And make sure to check the links in this post for How-Tos.

“I made this out of my shower curtain!”




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