‘Schitt’s Creek’ Fans Are Still Visiting The Town Where It’s Filmed Despite Stay at Home Orders

There’s nothing from stopping Schitt’s Creek superfans from visiting the town where the show is filmed, even when there’s a stay at home order because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The town of Goodwood, Ontario is still being sought out by fans of the show, and Uxbridge mayor Gary Barton is urging them to not visit this time.

“We love that we have been chosen as the home of Schitt’s Creek and we have enjoyed meeting and hosting the fans of the show, especially the Schitt Heads who have come to visit our beautiful community,” he said in a statement to THR. “We look forward to welcoming fans in the future when the borders are once again open and travel advisories and health care crises have abated.”

Star and series creator Dan Levy even popped on Twitter to tell fans to stop for now.

“The towns where we shot Schitt’s Creek were so lovely and accommodating to us. Please show them the same respect,” he wrote. “Visiting right now is a threat to the residents’ health and safety. Thanks for understanding.”

Schitt’s Creek currently airs Tuesdays on Pop TV. The first five seasons are available on Netflix.

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