There & Back: Celebrities Who Survived A Drug Overdose

The world is all too familiar with the tragic celebrity overdose story. Talented artists gripped by addiction die at too young an age. From Jimi Hendrix and John Belushi to Heath Ledger and Mac Miller, celebrities of all backgrounds have fallen victim to addiction. But a drug overdose does not always equal death. There are people, and celebrities, who overdose and use that as a wake-up call to seek help and overcome addiction.

While most addiction stories don’t have happy endings, these are the ones with hope. From Demi Lovato, Demi Moore and Eminem to Steven Tyler and Alec Baldwin, these are the celebrities who have used their drug overdose experience to help others battling addiction.

The faces that fill this gallery will surprise you. Before scrolling through this, you may have had no idea that these stars battled addiction. But once you’re done, you’ll be grateful they bravely shared their stories.

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