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Jeremy Clarkson sparks concerns in video with girlfriend Lisa Hogan ‘What is going on?’

Fans flocked to the posts to query what the substance was. Presenter Julia Bradbury wrote: “Is that anti-covid gas they’re spraying?” In response to Julia’s post, one Instagram user wrote: “It is water vapour, the hot humid air being cooled produces water vapour/misting. It happens when it’s very warm, more common than you think.” Another […]

Jeremy Clarkson: The Grand Tour star speaks out on sad loss of ‘truly brilliant’ director

“He inspired so many filmmakers: ‘Fame’, ‘Midnight Express,’ ‘Mississippi Burning’… Watch his films – they are some of the best of the 70s and 80s.” Piers Morgan wrote: “Sad news. He made some brilliant movies, especially Midnight Express, Angel Heart & The Commitments. RIP.” Elsewhere, Jeremy’s co-star James May recently gave fans an update about […]

Richard Hammond and family ‘stopped’ at airport for unlikely reason ‘Wouldn’t have it’

Richard Hammond, who is best known for presenting The Grand Tour and Top Gear with Jeremy Clarkson, 60, and James May, 67, looked back on the time he and his family were “stopped” by another family at Heathrow Airport. The BBC favourite revealed “they wouldn’t have it” after his eldest daughter was approached in the […]

Jeremy Clarkson’s ‘frustrating’ backstage issues listed by Grand Tour co-star James May

The Grand Tour host James May, 57, opened up about the current hold up of the Amazon Prime series as he discussed his latest ventures during lockdown. The car-enthusiast also dished on his co-star Jeremy Clarkson, 60, and admitted he has been having issues with his other television series. The former Top Gear host is […]

Jeremy Clarkson: The Grand Tour host opens up after hearing ‘sad’ news ‘I shall miss it’

Reflecting on the jet’s history, Jeremy continued: “Back in the Sixties, everyone assumed the future of air travel would be glamorous and sexy and supersonic. “That’s why Britain and France teamed up to make Concorde — which IS my absolute favourite machine in the world. But giant American airline Pan Am thought differently. “They wanted […]